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Emma Rutherford Sits Down And Talks “Living in Exile”

Christchurch-based artist Emma Rutherford releases a haunting new single, "Living in Exile." This poignant song delves into themes of loneliness, loss, and isolation, resonating deeply with anyone who has ever felt alone, heartbroken, or vulnerable. "Living in Exile" serves as a powerful reminder of the human need for connection and belonging.Originally from North Canterbury and now based in Ōtautahi, pop/soul artist Emma Rutherford is thrilled to unveil her latest single. […]

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Lucy Gray Talks “We Were The Scene”

Lucy Gray, a talented performer, singer, and songwriter hailing from Otautahi, Christchurch, New Zealand, recently joined Zain & MJ to share insights into her songwriting process. Currently enrolled at the Hagley School of Music, Lucy draws inspiration from a blend of alternative pop, pop, alternative rock, and indie styles. She finds a unique harmony in exploring unconventional melodic and conceptual elements often associated with these genres. Her music is a […]

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Frankie Venter On Her Latest Chart-Topping Single

Frankie Venter recently joined Zain & MJ, leading them through an immersive recount of her recent performance—a night etched with pulsating hearts and fervent calls for an encore. Delve into the untold tales from behind the curtains, experience the electrifying energy that rendered the evening unforgettable, and relish the intimate moments that rendered it truly extraordinary. Moreover, listeners were treated to an exclusive, firsthand glimpse into Frankie's musical odyssey, as […]

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Sophie Maude Chat’s Her New Single Vertigo

Sophie-Maude recently sat down with Zain & MJ for a captivating discussion, exploring the intricacies of her newest release, "Vertigo." During the conversation, Sophie also opened up about her creative process, offering fascinating insights into how she generates ideas for her songs. Listen below to the chat

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